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Our vision and motto revolve around being your sole solution partner in steel constructions. We take great pride in delivering works that adhere to European Standards. Join the Mono family for sustainable projects and lasting partnerships.

Your steel structures solution Partner, Delivering Quality to the world.

Who We Are

The world is evolving every day. From design to technology, production to consumption, people now prefer brands that understand them, respond to their needs, and offer special solutions. With this understanding, we continue to improve day by day. As an international company, we have set out with the vision of supplying products to each of our customers in their domestic markets. We aim to bring our customers and colleagues together with the same vision and to keep satisfaction at the highest level.

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Featured Projects

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INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS We manufacture structures for Datacenters, manufacturing buildings, agricultural facilities, warehouses, R&D facilities, showrooms, roof structures etc. We ensure the production of high-quality facilities based on customer demands and the purpose of the…


ENERGY SECTOR We fabricate various productions like power plants, bunkers, machine parts, solar panels support, wind turbines steel structures etc. All certificates for the EN standardized profiles and plates are provided to our customers.…

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TUNNEL PROJECT We manufacture European standardized conveyors structures, formworks, pylons, steel Bridges, crane supports, etc. Our certification proves our competence in bringing you the best quality in your tunnelling and mining projects. Our quality…



SPECIAL PROJECTS SUCH AS; Handerails Machine Parts Bunkers Our Special products includes drums, specials platforms, stairways, special machine parts, aerospace industry platforms, maintenance structures etc.  We weld special steel structures that require attention and…