Our manufacturing capacity and factory area enable us to manufacture different types of steel-structures according to customers specifications. Our products are manufactured according to European Standards. Our references consist of various sectors like Sports, Energy, Industrial, commercial, Tourism, Residential, Agricultural, Road and Transport sector. Our clients range from business owners with a full project, international contractors to Engineering Consultants companies.

Every project we manufacture is analysed by our technical team to ensure durability and safety. If requested by the customer shop drawings and static designs are done before production process. The steel structures manufacturing process begins with procurement of quality raw materials. Our production team controls both the dimensions and certificates of raw materials before Factory approval. We also have a laboratory to test the tensile strength and other properties of raw materials.

The process continues with sand blasting process, welding, drilling and Painting using both manual and modern machinery. Our painting process starts from basic types (ГФ-021) up to multi-layer coating according to ISO12944 class: С1, С2, С3, С4, С5М.