Mono Steel: Pioneering Global Steel Production in 2023

Mono Steel, renowned for its quality and skilled workmanship, continues to make its mark on significant global projects in 2023. With heightened targets and increased production capacity through recent investments, the company aims to achieve its planned turnover by the summer months.

Over the past two years, Mono Steel has been integral to major projects such as the Gotthard Base Tunnel, Grand Paris Express, Seattle Canal Project, and Australia’s Snowy 2.0 Hydroelectric Power Plant. The company exports to over 70 countries, with new collaborations enhancing the value of Mono Steel and bolstering trust in Turkish brands.

CEO and partner Mustafa Toprakçeken emphasized that despite growing larger and more qualified, Mono Steel maintains the same core values since its inception: “Our customers feel comfortable as if they are producing from their own country. Thanks to this feeling, we grew, developed, and became a world brand.”

Currently, Mono Steel continues its production for projects in England, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Malta, Israel, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tanzania, Sudan, and Australia. The company expects to forge new collaborations in the summer, aiming to reach its export targets for 2023.

Toprakçeken also noted that their investments have increased their capacity, making them ready for new collaborations: “Our business partners choose to work with us not only because they are satisfied with the quality of our workmanship but also because we deliver on time, providing a seamless experience as if they are working with a local manufacturer.”

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